Position: English > Undergraduate
Four-year Undergraduate

         Based on both the scientific and systematic training in English language skills and general education, English Language relying on its unique advantages and characteristics of Shenyang Jianzhu University’s Architecture and Civil Engineering disciplines, aims at cultivating the compound application-orientated talents—with a full development in moral, intellectual and physical fields, a broad knowledge of Humanities, a solid foundation in English language, an amount ofexpertise in construction engineering, English skills in listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating and the ability to practice in international construction projects.
   Courses: Intensive Reading, Advanced English, English Phonology, Listening, Speaking, Audio-Visual English, Writing, Lexicology, Translation, Linguistics, A General Survey of English-Speaking Countries, British and American Literature, Interpretation, International Project Management, English Readings in International Project Management, Negotiations on International Project Management, Practical English Writing for International Project Management, Practical English for Overseas Construction, Architecture English, Computer Application.
   Graduates can apply English in the fields like construction engineering, education, as administrators, translators, teachers, and they can also engage themselves in foreign affairs in real estate and other related enterprises.
   Faculty can carry out research in multiple areas. In addition, the department is equipped with such modern teaching facilities as multi-functional digital language lab and foreign language learning centers,